giovedì 17 dicembre 2009

The Triangle [2005] [DVDRip] [INGLESE]

The Triangle is a three part (roughly four hours) science fiction miniseries concerning the Bermuda Triangle, which first aired on Sci-Fi Channel from December 5 to December 7 2005. It was developed by Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin and is owned by film production company Electric Entertainment.

A shipping tycoon employs four people: a reporter, a psychic, a meteorologist, and an oceanographer to discover the secret of the Bermuda Triangle. Ultimately the team, with the help of a Greenpeace survivor and the tycoon, find out the truth and close the Triangle, destroying it forever. Their efforts also make it so the Triangle never existed and everyone who was taken is returned and they end up living their lives as though they were never taken. In the new Triangle-less timeline the only ones who know the Bermuda Triangle existed is the team that destroyed it.


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